Director and Choreographer

Gabriella Borni is a former classic ballet and contemporary dancer as well as currently a choreographer with more than 35 years of experience.
The following paragraphs are meant to provide you with ample information regarding her professional background and work experiences.

As a graduate of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza of Rome, she studied under Maestro Lia Calizza and Maestro Jean Cebron of the Folkwangshule in Essen,Germany.

Having served as a soloist dancer and prima ballerina, she shared and improved her dance expertise at several prominent theatres and companies, including the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, La Fenice in Venice, Teatro dell'Opera in Rome, Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the Arena in Verona, and the Comunale of Florence, Opéra National de Paris. Gabriella has collaborated with Carla Fracci's dance company, and was also a part of the Balletto di Toscana, Cosi Stefanescu Dance Company, ArteDanza dance company, Sinopia Dance Comany in Switzerland, the Eliott Field Ballet in New York.

During her career, Gabriella has had the pleasure of being directed by some of the world's most visionary and talented international choreographers. Among these are Jean Maurice Cebron, Maurice Bejart, Miro Zolan, Robert North, Paolo Bortoluzzi, Roberto Fascilla, Nils Christe, Ed Vuber, Amedeo Amodio, Giancarlo Vantaggio, Giorgio Jancu, Juan Corelli, Jeoffry Cauley, Gino Landi, Felixe Blaska, Eughenj Polyakov, Uwe Scholz, and Etienne Frey.

Though many find making the transition from dancer to choreographer to be one that comes naturally for some later in one's career, Gabriella began experimenting with choreography very young, and won her first award of “The Composition Course” of the Wise Spectacle at only fifteen years old, while she was still a student at l'Accademia Nazionale di Danza of Rome.

In the following years, as her passion and love for dance continued to grow, she found herself creating for a handful of companies and theatres, including Balletto di Toscana, Teatro Massimo, Accademia Filarmonica di Roma, Balletto di Roma, Asmed Ballet, Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Teatro dell'Opera, Teatro Verdi di Pisa, Fabula Saltica, Teatro la Fenice, Inversopuntocom Dance Company, and Tirana's Opera Theatre.

Gabriella has offered her choreography services to assist with various cinema, television, and theatre projects and has collaborated with many prominent directors, such as Alberto Negrin, Raf Vallone, Giorgio Pressburgher, Gianfranco De Bosio, Luca Ronconi, Piero Faggioni, Silvano Bussotti, Jose' Sanchez, Gino Landi, Raul Morales, B. Henry, and Tito Schipa, Jr., Massimo Luconi, Alessandro Capone, Alberto Fassini, Piero Faggioni, Krzysztof Zanussi, Francesco Nuti, Eljana Popova, Beppe Menegatti, Roberto Creton, and Emanuele Vezzoli.

From 1982 to 1993, Gabriella collaborated with Franco Zeffirelli on many cinematography and opera theatre productions, such as La Traviata, an opera that experienced great cinematographic success. Holding dual roles in the film's production, Gabriella served as both dancer and choreographer, and opened at Opéra National de Paris season in 1985. Subsequently, La Traviata arrived in the most important and world-renowned theatres.
Thereafter, other collaborations with Maestro Zeffirelli developed, and led to the films “Il Giovane Toscanini” and “Otello” as well as the opera “Aida”.

Gabriella has choreographed “Salome” for the opening of the Teatro dell' Opera di Roma season for the director Giorgio Albertazzi in 2007.

Gabriella has served as a guest on a variety of television programmes, with responsibilities ranging from interviewee to dancer. In collaboration with RaiUno and Vatican Television, she choreographed for reenactment of the nativity scene for the opening of the Christmas Jubilee world live show from the Vatican City in 2000.

Awards and Acknowledgments: The Otinelli Award for Choreography, 1976; Velca d'Oro Award, 1979 and 1988, The International Competition of Choreography in Spoleto, 1981; The Porselli Award, 1982; The Positano Award “Léonide Massine”, 1982/2004; The Apollon e Musagete International Award, 1985; The Funny Film Festival Award, 1988; The Bellisario Rai Award, 1990; The International Competition of Perugia, 1999; The Aurelio Millos Award, 2009.

Served as Artistic Director of the CIAC – Mini festival of Italian Cinema (International Italian Student Association at the University of California, Berkeley in the USA) from 2000 to 2008. Artistic Director of Dance for the Teatro Lirico Marrucino dance company from 2006 to 2007, and Gran Galà “Omaggio a Paola Leoni” in Rome, 2012.

Member of the judging panel: R.A.I.1 Competition “Born to Dance” (1989), International Competition “Island of Capri” (1990- 1992), “Dance and Formation” in Rieti (1998 - 1999), Teatro Bellini Catania (1991), International Competition “Guido Lauri” in Rome (2011), Dancing on the web (GD) (2012).

In 2000, founded the Associazione Culturale Inversopuntocom with Giovanni Varone.

Came in first place in the National Competition for the Ministry of Instruction of the University of Research (MIUR) in the subject of “Dance Composition.”

Since 1997, Gabriella has worked as a professor with the Centro Internazionale la Cometa in Rome and has also served as a professor at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome since 2000.